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Microphones are devices that convert acoustic sounds into electrical impulses. The way in which this process is achieved is dependant upon which type of mic (microphone) is used. There are dynamic, condenser, and ribbon to name the most popular types.

Mics are used in many devices: Telephones, cell phones, bull horns, police radios, in your computer, just to name a few. They are used every day in an abundance of applications. We are going to be concerned with the type of microphones that are used in professional recording studios, home studios, and in live performances for the most part.

The microphone is the first piece of equipment in the chain of recording an acoustic instrument or vocalist. Selecting a quality mic will make all the difference in the world as far as the quality of the final recorded sound you achieve. You could have the best mic preamp, cable, and recording device, but if you have a poor quality microphone, you will not get a good recording.

There are many fine microphones on the market, and each one has different strengths and weaknesses. Engineers have their go-to mics that they rely on while engineering intense sessions in which time is of the essence. Many projects have strict budgets, so there is not much time for experimentation. The techs know that they can put a mic up in front of a client or artist, and get consistent, reliable sound reproduction.

Live performance microphones have their own characteristics and requirements. Usually hyper cardioid designs to minimize feedback on stage.

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